Hi! I'm Bunny!

Early 20'sThey/ThemBi Ace Nonbinary

I'm an artist and vtuber. I am from New York but live in Indiana with my boyfriend and two friends. I like to draw and play games in my free time. I also have an unhealthy addiction to Arizona Tea. I collect plushies, anime figures, and pink old tec. I love Miku, furbies, My Melody, Splatoon, Pokemon, Neopets,TBH, magical girls and Horror Movies!
Why did I join Neocities?
Tbh I just love the idea of getting to customize everything! I didn't really get to do anything like that growing up as I was way too young to be on MySpace and with every socal media moving away from customization I kinda miss it! I don't really know a ton about HTML and CSS but I learned what I know just so I could make a page I could call my own.

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