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Sorry if I missed any of my neighbours!! If I missed you please let me know!!
Helpful Links!
GifCities: It's a gif search engine that has TONS of gifs.
W3School: Great to help learn coding.
Blinkies.Cafe: Easy way to make your own blinkies.
Dafont: Great place to look for fonts for your webpage.
GifyPet: Custom tamagotchi for your website.
CoolTextFonts: Cool copy and paste fonts.
Catbox.Moe: File hosting site.
Spacehey: Socal media site that is like Myspace.
Status.Cafe: Easy way to update people with how you are doing.
Ezgif: Easy way make and edit gifs.
OIE: Image editor. (you can add glitter to images)
PhotoMosh: Image editor.
3dText2Gif: Make some fun 3d text.
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