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Hey! How's it going? I've been okay! The weather over the past few days has been pretty awful. It's been like -3°F (about -19°C) here. It has been so bad the the pipe in the bathroom froze and that the car won't start. Other than the weather I have been doing Valentine's Day YCH and I made a few Worm on a String adopts. I posted both of my adopts on Toyhouse like I normally do and I got a comment on the Inch Worm one that I don't know how to feel about??? It said "o they are kinda like mine lol (link to the one they made)" like I don't know if they are trying to say that I stole there design or if they really just thought it was funny that we both came up with similar designs. IDK?? Putting together two things that I like isn't the most original idea like what I did with Inch Wormby. (Inch Wormby is what inspired me to make Inchworm on a String) Lol whatever I guess. No hate to them tho it's just really hard to get tone for text. I also made a Poison Sucklet girl cause it's fun. (I still haven't named her) I'm also still waiting on my Itemlabel package to ship. (I hope I get it soon!!)

Mood: Happy

TODAY IS THE DAY!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! So like today we are going to the Goodwill Outlet and... ITEMLABEL IS DOING A NEW PLUSH DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get to get One OuiOui and one Peepy (or other plush of the same price) AND I AM SO PUMPED OMG!!! Like I have seen a little bit of the new stuff that is coming out and OMG!!! NEW OUIOUI SERIES Y!!! I will come back and update with what I get and the outlet and Itemlabel. Also fingers crossed that I find some super cute stuff today! :3c UPDATE 1: Goodwill Outlet sucked. :( Didn't really find anything. All I got was a pair of pjs that is pink with black hearts on them and a black turtle neck that SAID THAT IT WAS A SIZE M BUT I TRIED IT ON AND IT'S LIKE A SIZE XS YES I AM MAD ABOUT IT. Like I got it so I could replace my old one that is falling apart. The Itemlabel thing is at 1 so fingers crossed that it goes well. UPDATE 2: I GOT THEM YIPPEE!!! Adding this update kinda late cause after I bought them I passed out. So I didn't get a full sized plush cause I saw something that I wanted a little more. I got 1 series 4, 1 series y and THEY MADE A DINGLE BLIND BOX??!?!?! So I had to get that one. Dinkle is one of my favs so I need a tiny cute one of him. (I also didn't see that they restocked pinkpy cause I totally would have gotten one) I'm hoping that I get the pink plaid ouioui and the strawberry dingle. I don't really know what I want from series y cause it doesn't show what is in it one the side.

Mood: Could be better

I found some spare cord so I finally got my gamecube hooked up!! I played Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue and Pac-Man Fever (will also prob play Animal Crossing later). Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue is cute! The camera kinda sucks but I get a cute magical girl Hello Kitty so I don't really mind! Now Pac-Man Fever.... OMG WHY IS THIS GAME SO HARD????? How the fuck did I play this as a kid???? Like I was fighting for my life the whole time. Not much to write today cause I don't want to bum yall out with my depressing ass thoughts.I'll be fine I just need to get my mind off of stuff. :3

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Hey guys!! How's it going? Sorry about not updating for like a week! I was taking a small break! (Also kinda hard to update when you don't do a ton) I have been pretty alright over the past few days. I started a crow journal. I only have two pages done but it is a nice place for me to put little note a stickers and other cute things! I also posted on tiktok cause I wanted to do a cute little trend with my bf. It was fun but I did get my first "Hello Kitty girl" (derogatory) comment. ( ̄︿ ̄) Other than that I have been hanging out with Mark. We have been working on fixing his Windows XP and Windows 98. He is really smart (he totally didn't tell me to say that lol) He asked me if I wanted his other Windows XP and I told him that I only want it if I can get a cute monitor and stuff to go with it. I want it to match my room if I get one. ALSO! Rare Bunny pic cause I look really cute today!!!! Like I cut my bangs and did my makeup and stuff!! Another weird thing, I have been thinking about getting into felt crafting. I think it would be fun to make my own little keychains and stuff!

Mood: Happy

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So I didn't really do anything for New Years but we did get MSN working!! So I have been send Mark messages on it!! (he is on his windows xp) It's pretty cool!! We also went to the gas station to get some snacks! >:3c I'm also almost done with Super Princess Peach! (It's super cute and fun) I have about two worlds left to do. I also streamed today. It went okay! It started off pretty slow but after about 30 min. people started showing up. I'm prob going to make a rule that an account has to be so-and-so amount of time old or I'll ban it. Pretty tired of having to deal with burner accounts. The setup I had for the stream was cool tho!

Mood: Tired

Happy New Year's Eve!! How's it going? I'm doing okay. (Not like sad or anything) Mostly just my body hurts lol. I hate moving stuff around it always makes my back and hips hurt like a ton. (⋟﹏⋞) Other than moving stuff I was working on getting the new UGC for Hello Kitty Cafe. (I got it btw ^^) Also if you haven't seen, I did update the layout of the links page! It look so much better now! Still have a few updates on my list that I need to work on. Hopfully I will have the will to do them soon. :3c Oh yeah! I should prob come up with a new year's resolution! Maybe I could talk to people more or ummmm...work out more??? IDK! Maybe I don't need one cause I know I'm not going to keep to it. OH! Another thing I was going to bring up! I was thinking about making a page for my pokemon pinkdex. I've been working on catching every pink pokemon in scarlet/violet! (even shiny pokemon) If it's pink It will be mine!!!!

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Hey! It's been over a week. How have you been? I've been pretty busy with holiday stuff. We did end up going to the mall again. I didn't get a ton of stuff but what I got was pretty cute. Christmas was pretty good! We opened some gifts and played some games. Spin got me the Lego Bonsai tree! (I LOVE that the cherry blossom one has pink frogs on it!!) I also got my DS Lite to work again!! YIPPEE!!! Now that it's working I can put cute stickers on it! >:3c I'm thinking about updating the layout of a few of my pages. (mostly the links page cause it is very plain) Also, I made a deal with my bf that I would help him move stuff around in his room and clean the game room. What am I getting out of it? Well... I'm getting 1 peepy (or other plush of same price), 1 ouioui blind bag, and $30. Hehe can't wait!

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Well ummm... So we did go to the mall today and that was cool and all but uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Miniso was closed. :/ We checked to make sure that they would be open before we went and it said that they opened at 11 today we showed up a little after 11 and waited and waited and they never opened. So we are going to go back on Thursday. I am not sure happy about that cause it is going to be super close to Christmas so the mall is going to be H E L L but I really want to go but I also don't want to get stressed out cause of all the people!! ˙◠˙ On the upside I did get a few cute things at the mall today.

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So I was right in think that we aren't going to the mall today. On the upside, our roommates aren't fighting anymore (I think). But yeah, Mark's money didn't come in today (a little sad but not much I can do about it). Mark said that we can do the Mall this weekend. It's going to suck a little cause a ton of people are going to be at the mall but a least I still get to go. Other than that I have just been playing Pokemon with Mark and watching YouTube videos. I'm just going to try and take it easy today, maybe work on a few things.

Mood: Stressed

So um yeah. A lot less excited this time lol. So I might not be going to the mall tomorrow. Part of it is because Mark's paycheck hasn't come in yet and part cause my roommates have been fighting. So the past day or so has been a little stressful. Can't go into detail on it cause it's not my place to say but yeah. So Mark and I have been trying to figure out how to get everything fixed so I can get a job again. On another note, I made some adopts and opened up my comms so that I could make a little more cash for our trip to the mall but now that I am pretty sure we aren't going I'm not super worried about getting them sold asap. I'll still show them here cause they came out so cute!! But maaaaan I really thought that stuff was going pretty alright for once. :/ Fingers crossed that stuff gets better.

Mood: Happy

I am so excited!!! So this Thursday I get to go to the Mall!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!! I also made a cute character today. I traded them to my friend. :) They are a cybercore dog! I'm also getting the other Sanrio Miku figure in the mail! :3 Weird side note: I think my mouse is dying on me. So sad cause I really like this mouse. I've also gotten back into playing Pokemon Violet. I really like shiny hunting in that game. :3 Also, pic of the cybercore dog that is made below

Mood: Okay

Hi guys! Hope yall are doing well! I've been doing alright. I finally got a few commissions again (it's so nice to have money omg)! I also got the other christmas gift from Mick and omg it is so cute!!! Like... LOOK AT HER!!!! SHE IS SO PRETTY!!!! I helped Mark fix the oven today and we played Roblox! I've been play a lot of Roblox lately cause I really want a Hello Kitty UGC (I GOT IT BTW). That's all I can think of to talk about for now lol.

Mood: Happy

Happy December!! Hope yall had a good November! I have been playing Splatoon 3 for most of the day cause today is BIG RUN!!! I've been having a bit more fun with Splatoon as of late so I kinda want to play it more! ALSO, My hairclips that I was waiting on finally came in!!! They are so cute!! I also am selling off one of my anime figures so I can get my bf a Christmas gift.

Mood: Happy

Hi! Hope yall are doing well! I've been doing pretty good as of late other than the fact that I have been going to bed at 8 in the morning. We had a friend come over to visit and we also went to the arcade today! Sadly, some of the games took my points and wouldn't let me play. :( I also brought one a my peepys with me so I could take pics. Then when we got home Mark made Shakshuka. All around a pretty good day. ALSO my hairclips that my mom got me finally shipped so I will show pics when they come in.

Mood: Happy

Hi! It's been about a week since I lasted wrote here. Not a ton has been going on really. Haven't really done anything or gotten anything in the mail. I think the only thing I have to updated on is the I got back into drawing again! So that's pretty cool! I spent like about 6 hours trying to figure out what I wanted to do will this drawing (pain) but I finished it! It came out pretty cute so I am happy. Hopefully next time I write I will have more to talk about lol.

Mood: Happy

I got so much cute stuff in the mail over the past few days! I got my My Melody BAB and the Deep Cut Splatoon Amiibos! Also, HAPPY SPLATFEST! This splatfest has been pretty fun so far! I also won my first 100x Battle!! (I am so cool now :3c) It also took me a few hours but I got all the Deep Cut gear! I also have another gift from my mom coming in the mail. It's a Ehlers Danlos syndrome bunny. EDS is actually something that runs in my family. (I still haven't been tested for it yet. I don't have health insurance) Not only does it run in my family but my BF also has it. (crazy right???)

Mood: Okay

I didn't draw anything. All I have been doing was playing Animal Crossing. I just really want my island to look cute. I feel like I don't want to work on anything else. :/ My My Melody BAB should be here soon so that's cool! I also finally got Sasha on my AC Island! They are so cute!!! I also have been having a bit of a hard time figuring out what kinds theme I want for my island. Citycore Pastel Lovecore Kidcore is kinda what I have going on but I feel like I need to just pick one or two. IDK! I'll prob post pics on here when I have more of the island done or something.

Mood: Fine

Hey, guys! How's it going? Hope yall are good! I'm doing pretty alright today! I've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing. It's one of those games I turn to when I get super burnt out. I guess it's not really that I am burnt out but more like not having motivation to draw personal art. Like if I got commission work I would be fine but I guess I just don't really feel like working on anything for myself. IDK?? I guess part of it might be cause I haven't gotten any commission work in a bit. It feeling like I don't have anything to work on. Like I'm not mad about it, I understand that for a lot of people money is tight rn. Maybe I should just push through it and make some personal art or something. It could help me feel a bit better. You can commission me here if you want I guess??

Mood: Happy

So yesterday I got one of my christmas gifts early!!! IT IS SO CUTE OMG!!! (it also came with a free bag) I know that he isn't going to see this but THANK YOU AGAIN MICK!! I'll take pics and put them under the entry so you guys can see! :3 Other than getting a gift early yesterday we when shopping so we could get stuff for shakshouka. It came out so good (Mark is always so good at cooking). I also should be getting a gift from my mom in the mail soon. She pre-ordered me a few hair claws (they are horror themed). I also have the My Melody Build-A-Bear coming in the mail! I keep thinking "Man! I should join a webring or something haha" but I am too nervus to ask. Maybe one day I will.

Mood: Fine

Been slowly working updating and adding a few things to the website (mostly adding plushie pics and working on a page about my bf). It is nice to finally get some of this stuff done. I forgot to bring this up before but I modded my 3DS!! >:3c I've also been working on redoing part of my ACNH island.

Mood: Happy

Hey guys! How's it going? I have been pretty good! I finally sat down and watch some anime that I have been meaning to watch. I watched Serial Experiments Lain and Chobits! They are both pretty good!! I picked up 3 of the 4 Lain DVDs at Goodwill a bit ago. One of the DVDs had stickers in it! (so cool!!) I also got to go to Five and Below a few days ago so I could buy some of the new Gloomy Bear stuff and some sanrio blind bags! Also...HAPPY NOVEMBER!!

Mood: Okay

Man! I have been so burnt out again. I really wanted to do a bunch of fun stuff this month but I couldn't even get the halloween costume I wanted. This month really felt like just every other month. :( I started crocheting again to help with the burnout. I made a cat hat and some leg warmers. I am still pretty new to crocheting but I think it is pretty fun. We also went to the Goodwill Outlet recently and I found some pretty cool stuff! I found some Hello Kitty stuff and some SUPER cute overalls!

Mood: Good

Hey, everyone! Hope yall are well! I have been just mostly relaxing and play roblox with my bf and some of our friends! Also omg I didn't think that my giveaway would have THAT many people interested!! WTH???? I thought only like 10 people would enter but like 50???? Damn! It really means a lot to know that people are intrested in my art! :3

Mood: Good

Hi again! Happy October!!!! I am so happy that it is finally October! I love fall weather so much. It is just so cozy! I have been feeling a bit better as of late! I have been working on art again. Making art is one of the few things that I have that make me happy so it is nice to be able to do it again. Also sorry these post...updates??? are always all over the place. I kinda just write whatever is on my mind at the time. That's also prob why I don't write these everyday cause 90% of the time I am thoughtless. Something else I could bring up is that I am doing a vtuber model giveaway. You can check it out here if you want.

Mood: Okay

Been feeling a bit better as of late. I still have that feeling but I am doing better rn. I have been working on updating the site so yeah. This page has music rn so that's p cool! I still feel like I have so much more to do for the site. I gotta add more art and update stuff hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I start working on one thing then I'm like haha what if I worked on this. Side Note: I like beetles now. They are so cute?!?! I wasn't sure how to work this in to a post hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Man! Sorry updates are always so slow haha. I have been on an Animal Crossing kick so that is pretty much the only thing I have been doing. My mental health hasn't been that great so I have been using Animal Crossing to cope I guess or something like that. Idk. I have also been feeling super lonely again. On another note! It's almost October! I still haven't gotten my Halloween costume yet but I am still saving up for it! I also got to go to Spirit Halloween a few days ago and I L O V E some of the stuff they have this Halloween! Can't wait to have some extra cash so I can get something. :3c
I'll also try to update/add some stuff before I get burnt out again.

Mood: Meh

Hey, it's been a bit! Hope yall are doing well! Sorry I haven't been on here much I just burnt myself out really bad. In other news, I just celebrated mine and my bf's 4 year anniversary! So that is pretty cool! We didn't really do much cause we didn't have any cash at the time but we are doing something on Tuesday! Also is it just me or is this splatfest even more toxic than the last one???

Mood: Okay

I am feel much better today! Mark and I talked and now we are good. :3 I also finished my Halloween vtuber model! (I can't wait to uses it omg) I kinda feel like streaming today idk why but maybe I will?? I could maybe work on my next YCH?? Maybe??? Idk.

Mood: Sad

Today really could have been better. Mark got mad at me today. :( He was mad cause I kept interrupting him. I relly didn't mean to either, I just got excited talking about something. I said I was sorry to but now I still feel bad. I also had to spend all the money I had left on food. The plan was that Mark would pay half and I would pay half. I told him that since he doesn't have the money right now that I will pay for all and he could pay me back. It feels like he ignored that I said that and when I said that I hope I get more commission money so that I can save it for if we need it he said passive-aggressive that I could just save it for food and what would I need to save it for. :( Just all around not a good day. Other than that I was playing Splatfest and it really hasn't been that much fun. Like I have only been play my team and that makes it so boring.

Mood: Could be better

One of the few times I actually dreamed and it makes me wake up crying. My lttile pp brain was like, "I know you are sleeping and having a good time but haha...TRAMA!" I'm feeling better now but DAMN what a way to wake up.

Mood: Okay

Hey! It's been a bit! I have been pretty busy (not true). I have been pretty burnt out but I am feeling a bit better now! I'm not back to feeling fully myself yet but I am doing a bit better. Updates Updates Updates! I got the Ouioui that I wanted! I pulled the melon one myself then traded a super nice person on discord for the strawberry cow one! (⁀ᗢ⁀) Other than that I have been working on art commissions and updating the site. I'm actually pretty happy with how everything is coming together!


I am so burnt out omg. Like I am super happy that people like and want my art but I feel like I haven't really had any time to breath. So I am taking a small break cause if I don't my brain is going to fry. I've been play some roblox (I haven't sat down and played it since 2018?? and before that like the 2010s). A lot has changed and yet not at the same time??? I don't know? I guess my brain is already fried.


I DID IT!!!! I bought the OuiOui Blind Boxes! I could only buy 2 boxes but that's okay. They also sold out in only 30 mins. CRAZY! I'm super glad I woke up early cause I would have not gotten them if I didn't. I also bought some pins and ummmmmmmmm I didn't see that it ships from The Netherlands haha oops! Σ(゜゜) Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get here. I also got my BF an anniversary gift cause I found him something that he would like(shoutout to my friend Mick for helping me get it for him!!). Our anniversary isn't till Sept. but I had to buy it before it sold out. On another note...I don't know why but I really started missing Halloween today. I started listening to Halloween music and made a cute Halloween character. I guess I just miss watching horror movies and wearing a cute costume and going to Halloween store. I SHOULD GET A GHOSTFACE MASK AND PAINT IT TO MATCH MY ROOM OMG!!! Like I would wear the shit out of a pink ghostface mask and I would look SO CUTE!!! (─‿‿─)


So hyperfixation talk for a sec...ITEMLABEL OUIOUI SERIES X DROP IS TOMORROW!!!!!! So my game play is to wake up about 30 min. before the drop (2pm est) then, I wait. If everything goes well then I will buy 2 boxes. If I don't pull the two OuiOuis that I want then I will trade for the ones I am looking for. (image of the ones I am looking for below) Okay okay... now for life update. I finshed the commission for VGen and also another commission I got after. I have been kinda putting off working on the audio for the video cause I am SUPER burnt out. Other than that I got some earrings from my mom in the mail and I started selling merch again.


HAHA Hi! It has been a bit haha. So I have mostly been working on editing audio for my BF's upcoming video on the N64 so I haven't really been on here much. Celebpy came in the mail today and they are SUPER CUTE!! I also have something pretty big to share... I JUST GOT COMMISSIONED BY VGEN!?!? Like the people that run the site that I do commissions on commissioned ME???? I am freaking out right now HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I have only worked with a few businesses before so this is super exciting!! Like it feels so nice to know that people like my art and see value in it! I also can't stress enough how thankful I am for all the people who support me and my work. I'm not sure if people read these "blogs" but like for real it really mean so much to me. So if you are reading this...Thank you for like the content that I make! I will try my best to keep making more!!! (´。• ᵕ •。`)

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I've been working on audio a lot so I haven't really gotten to make much in the way of art. ALTHOUGH I did get some art the other day and it made me SO HAPPY OMG!!! You can click here to see it!! I also plan on updating my art gallary. ૮₍ ˶• ༝ •˶ ₎ა

Mood: Happy

Angelpy came in!! They are so cute!! Other than that not much is going on today. We have a friend visiting right now so that's cool. I think I want to start using kaomoji more. I used to use them all the time when I was like 10. I got made fun of for using them but you know what idc anymore so I'm going to use them again! They are funny and can be more expressive than other emotes! (´• ω •`)

Mood: Meh

I haven't updated in a little bit so I guess it's overdue! I bought Angelpy and they WERE supposed to come in the mail today but didn't. (so lame) My BF also bought me a Celb Peepy (THANK YOU AGAIN MARK!!). The smoke from the fire in Candida is finally gone from Indy so I can go outside without feeling like my lungs are going to explode. I got some new games (Papa's Freezeria Deluxe, Project DIVA Mega Mix+, and Slime Rancher 2!). I also preordered the Hatsune Miku Sakura Miku Plush Ita Bag (IT IS SO CUTE OMG)! I also made a deal with my BF to edit his audio for his vid in exchange for itemlable plushie! >:3c That's about it...I think.

Mood: Happy

I had a pretty good day today! We got groceries and I got a bunch of yummy snacks! I also got to get sushi! Also the new itemlabel plushies dropped today. I LOVE ANGELPY! They are so cute!!!

Mood: Happy

Pansy came in today! She is so cute! I will say one thing tho I am not a huge fan of the fabric that they used on the ears but other than the she is cute! I also checked my Paypal and I had money from twitch??? So that was cool! :)

Mood: Neutral

Omg! Hi! It's been a few days since I updated my blog... diary... thing. I have been mostly just drawing and uhhhh... nothing else. I was just drawing. I made some pretty cute art tho. I also updated a few things on my page today! I added some of the art I made and took some more pics of my office (or whatever you want to call it). I live my life like a shut-in so I really don't leave the house much so I don't have a lot to talk about. I cleaned my room! So that's pretty cool... I guess.

Mood: Eepy

I WAS ONE EGG OFF OF GETTING TOP 50% FOR BIG RUN! UNREAL! But other than that today was pretty good! I got a commission done and I made some personal art! It was nice getting to make art for myself for once. Mark also bought us some McDonalds. The mood of the day is eepy cause I tring not to pass out like all day. Idk why but I was just so tired today. We are leave the house tomorrow so if I find some cool stuff I might share on here.

Mood: Neutral

Today is the last day for Big Run

Mood: Neutral

Finished another commission today! (yippee!!) I am about $10 away from buying Strawberry Pansy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fingers crossed that I get one more commission so then I can buy her!

Mood: Neutral

I spent most of to day drawing and "coding". I made some pretty cute stuff for the page so that was cool. I also got some money in so that was nice. I am still about $30 short of getting Strawberry Pansy. I hope I get some more commissions before she sells out cause I am not going to pay $200 for her after she is gone. I don't have that kind of money! I hope you guys like all the stuff I have been making for the page. I have been working super hard on it!!

Mood: Happy

I had a pretty good day today! I went to the international market today and got some milk tea, calbee pizza chips, and some cakes from the bakery! The market next to it wasn't open today so we didn't go in but I wasn't that sad about that. Then when I came home I made more stuff for my web page and worked on commissions. (I got all of them done today!!! I am so cool) I hope that I can save up enough for Strawberry Pansy! (Honeylambs Plush) SHE IS SO CUTE!! I NEED HER IN MY LIFE!!!

Mood: Okay

Not a ton to write home about today. We finally got some groceries so that was cool! We also had to ship out a ton of games for Mick today. It was like 60 packages! I also had on a pretty cute outfit today. Other than that stuff I made a few things for my page.

Mood: Eepy

Today we went to all of the Disc Replays in the area. I didn't have that much fun tbh. I was so tired and my tummy hurt almost the whole time. We did find some cool stuff tho so that was cool. I also didn't get to do the gachapon. I haven't gonna one in SO LONG! The ones in Chicago were out of order. Even when we went for my birthday they were out of order. ANYWAYS! I didn't really get anything at Disc but I did get Taco Bell so I guess that was cool.

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I have been doing a bit of coding for not only my own page but also for my bf's page. That is mostly the only thing I have been doing since coming back from Chicago. My coding still isn't very good but I am still learning. It's also so hard trying to come up with stuff to add to my page. I have been thinking about adding shrines and maybe some info on some of my plushies. I have also been checking out other peoples pages and DAMN they are so cute wtf!!! I also learned how to change the font now. (sorry if it is hard to read lol)